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  • Stealth ASD20B Auto Scrubber with Pad Assist

    Stealth ASD20B features a new, innovative design which makes this machine 4 times quieter than other standard automatic scrubbers. Other standard features include rugged weighted squeegee assembly which helps reduce slip and fall injuries, user friendly controls, and tanks that … Read More

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  • NOBLES Scout 3

    Dual side brushes and simple design make the Scout3 Manual Walk-Behind Sweeper efficient and perfect for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Sweep quietly in noise-sensitive environments with manual operation.

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  • NOBLES Speed Scrub SS500 Autoscrubber

    Clean virtually any hard surface condition to maximize return on investment with a wide range of cleaning options and configurations. Make battery maintenance safer with the new optional Smart-Fill automatic battery watering system. The reliable Speed Scrub SS500 Autoscrubber provides the … Read More

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  • Speed Scrub 300 AutoScrubber

    Speed Scrub 300- Scrub without worry with the battery power and squeegee system on the Speed Scrub® 300 High Performance Walk-Behind Scrubber. Add Tennant’s innovative ec-H2O NanoClean® technology and reduce water and detergent use. The Speed Scrub® 300 Walk-Behind Scrubber provides the right … Read More

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  • NSS Wrangler 1503 AB -15″ Pad Assist Scrubber

    Ergonomic design, simple operation and a compact body make the Wrangler 1503 the best value in micro scrubbers. Designed for applications less than 10,000 sq. ft., this Wrangler is perfectly sized for restrooms, convenience stores, and nursing home rooms. 15-in/38.5-cm … Read More

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