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NSS Wrangler 2625 DB – 26 Inch Automatic Scrubber

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NSS Wrangler 2625 DB is the mid-size value leader with large scrubber features in a compact, maneuverable package.

The 25-gal. solution and 27-gal. recovery tanks on the Wrangler 2625 DB are 25 percent larger than tanks on comparable mid-sized scrubbers. This translates to fewer trips to empty and refill the machine.
The compact body with front drive wheels and rear casters let the Wrangler 2625 DB turn with ease, even in constricted areas.
Three scrub pressures allow the NSS Wrangler 2625 DB to take on any scrubbing task.
Variable-speed wheel-drive assures smooth operation, reducing operator fatigue and maintaining productivity throughout the shift.
Rugged 7-gauge steel frame and durable polyethylene body withstand heavy-duty commercial use.
The on-board battery charger allows safe, convenient battery charging anywhere an outlet is available.
The Wrangler 2625 DB is available with a curved squeegee (#2492499), an ideal option for industrial applications. This attachment funnels water and debris to the center of the squeegee for easy recovery

  • 25-inch/64-cm scrub path, straight or curved squeegee
  • 25-gal/95-l solution tank; 27-gal/102-l recovery tank
  • Two .75 HP brush motors and a .75 HP vacuum motor
  • Four 6-V, 235 AH batteries
  • Variable speed propulsion and three scrub pressures
  • Compact body designed for maneuverability

Specification Sheet: Wrangler 2625 DB

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Weight 326 kg
Dimensions 141 × 69 × 104 cm


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